Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Meal Planning

I'm sure no one else has a problem with meal planning (wink, wink) but it's something I dread and avoid. However, I need a schedule and I need to stop making quick trips to the grocery store. So I started thinking of ways to encourage meal planning. And I decided to do theme nights. Every week, each day has a theme and I try to find meals to fit that theme. I have all of September planned out - and I am super excited about it. Here are the themes for us for September (I may change them up in October - we'll see):

Meatless Monday
Taco (or any Mexican) Tuesday
World (different ethnic foods) Wednesday
Throwaway (leftovers) Thursday
Italian (usually a carbo load) Friday
Soup/Salad Saturday
Home Cooked Sunday

Of course you could change it up to meet your family's tastes, but so far, I really love the theme idea. I use foodgawker and pinterest for a lot of my ideas. Let me know what you think and what themes you come up with. Also if you are interested in any of the meals I have planned for the various nights, let me know and I'll send you my calendar.


Jacque said...

Loved this idea when you told me about and I still love it! Thanks for the meals and the ideas.

Alicia said...

Great schedule and I would love a copy of this month's menu.