Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Easy Chow Mein

Ok, so this recipe is kind of a make it however you want-type thing. Here are the ingredients we like to use, but you could pretty much add anything you want:

1 pkg. thick spaghetti noodles
2 eggs
green beans (fresh is best)
green onion, chopped as high up as you want
white onion, chopped in large strips
3 chicken breasts, cooked
water chestnuts
soy paste (you can get this at any Asian food store, thicker and stronger than soy sauce)
soy sauce

Crack the eggs in a large wok or frying pan...let cook slightly. Add vegetables, and oil, soy paste, and soy sauce to taste. Once the beans are mostly cooked, add chicken and more soy paste and sauce. Add noodles last, with more oil, paste, and sauce to taste. Basically, the more paste and soy sauce the better...there are no set amounts. When the veggies seem cooked through, it is good to go! Very yummy and great leftovers.

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